Las Chicas Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure Vs Winx Club Luchia Nanami Hanon Hosho Rina Toin Karen Noel Coco Bloom Stella Layla Flora Musa Tecna Pichi Pichi Pitch un Sueño Mia And Me Clan TVE Las Sirenas De Mako Disney Channel Soy Luna Modo Amar Soy Luna Siempre Juntos (Versión Grupal) Soy Luna Alas (Radio Disney Vivo) Hpichi armonix is the transformation after Believix and before Sirenix and it is in the fifth season. Harmonix is the third transformation to be recieved from a magical source, the first and second being Sophix and Lovix. Before the Winx receive the Sirenix transformation and immense magical power, they must first go acquire the Harmonix power-level. Edit

Previous Transformation: Believix

Next Transformation: Sirenix


In Season 5, after learning that their Believix powers are less stronger and effective underwater, the Winx Club will go on a quest to find the ancient Sirenix transformation and magical power. To help the Winx the Sirenix Book gave each of the Winx a Sirenix Boxes which contains their Sirenix guardian, and the Sirenix Boxes gave the Winx the power of Harmonix that will allow them to fight in the air, on the land and under the water.


The Winx needed the power of Harmonix to help them in their quest for Sirenix . Unlike the previous transformations, the fairies do not need to perform any specific action, it is given to them by their "guardians" of Sirenix after opening the Sirenix Book .

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Harmonix allows the Winx to use their magic easier in the air, on the land and under water. It also helps the Winx swim faster.


The girls' hair is much longer and tied, except for Tecna's hair which is shorter. The Harmonix outfits consist of a dress with strap that goes on only one shoulder, a belt, a mini-skirt and a kind of cape attached to the skirts which look similar to mermaids' tails. The girls wear a tiara or a small piece of seashells and jewelries on their hair or barehead, and heeled barefoot sandals made of two ribbons attached around the feet and legs, with two long floating ribbon strips attached to the sandals at knee level. Harmonix gives the Winx large multi-layered and transparent colorful wings and some effects.


Just like in Believix, each girl's wings have a different effect when they flutter