In the Magic Dimension there are many species of magical creatures who have to learn how to used their powers. For this they attend magical schools where they learn how to master their powers completely and become accomplished fairies, witches or wizards. The three main schools are found on Magix and are Alfea: the school for Fairies, Cloud Tower: the school for Witches and Red Fountain, the school for Specialists and possibly Wizards.

Aside from these, the only others school that has been mentioned in the series is the Beta Academy, though it is unclear if it is a school specifically for fairies or just a school of magic that some fairies attend as well. Another school could be the the Malacoy Paladion Academy where the Professor Avalon worked before shifting to Alfea.In the comics there's a school for Wizards, the Oskuria College.


Cloud TowerEdit

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