Season 3
Winx Club begins their third year in Alfea and the girls heard about Valtor, the new villain for season 3. He is an evil wizard trying to destroy the Winx and conquer Magix with the Trix's help. Also the shocking thing about season 3 is that they recive a new transformation, Enchantix. With Enchantix, water stars, and fairy dust, they're able to destroy Valtor.
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  • Next Season: Season 4


  1. The Princess' Ball
  2. Beauty is a Beast
  3. Pretty Pretty Princess
  4. The Mirror of Truth 
  5. Mission to Tides
  6. The Mermaid Queen
  7. Royal Behavior
  8. Dark Sky
  9. Operation Boyfriend Rescue
  10. Attack of the Zombie Witches
  11. Missing in Action
  12. Tears from the Black Willow
  13. Point of No Return
  14. Fury!
  15. The Island of Dragons
  16. The Power Within
  17. The Omega Mission
  18. Day at The Museum
  19. Biker Chick Wedding Crashers
  20. Little Big Shots
  21. The Golden Kingdom
  22. The Crystal Labyrinth
  23. The Wizards' Challenge 
  24. The Witches' Crypt
  25. The Spell of the Elements
  26. Fire and Flame
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